for Couples

Any number of issues or concerns may be prompting you to seek help at this point in your life.

Possible Issues

Possible Issues

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Counselling for Couples

It may be that ...

  • You fight all the time and forgot how to enjoy each other.

  • You have difficulty in communicating.

  • You are not getting your needs met.

  • That there has been an affair.

  • That you are so busy with work or family there is no time to be a couple.

  • The in-laws are interfering in your decisions.

  • There is an addiction that is impacting on your relationship.

  • Your sexual relationship is not satisfying.

  • You are having difficulty with parenting your children.

  • You want such vastly different things and cannot find a compromise.

  • There is abuse or violence going on.

  • You are contemplating getting married and want to ensure you are right for each other.

  • You are thinking about separation and want to take care of matters and children as best you can.

  • You are in a blended family and there are difficulties with discipline and parenting.

  • You are a same sex couple with family or society issues.

  • Your children have left home and now it is just the two of you getting to know each other again.


Therapeutic Approach

Therapeutic Approach

Therapeutic Approach

Whatever your reason for seeking help, I will do my best to help you to get your relationship back on track or help you to separate well. I will listen to both of your issues and concerns without judgement or taking sides. I will endeavour to create a safe and trusting environment where, we will explore what is troubling both of you with the intention to heal, rebuild and discover your authentic relationship.

In the course of our work we may engage in the following explorations according to your goals and expectations:

We may...

  • Explore how your current life issues – like work, children, family or illness are impacting on your relationship.
  • Delve into your family of origin to understand the patterns and dynamics that have shaped you and may still be playing out now in your current relationship.
  • Explore how you communicate, resolve conflict and handle difference.
  • Recollect how you two have met, what attracted you to each other and what you liked about each other.
  • Enhance how the two of you connect to each other, enjoy each other's company and have fun together.
  • Explore the different components of your relationship and how it could be improved – like intellectual, emotional, physical, experiential and how you parent together.
  • Explore your current life stage – like newly married, becoming parents, grown children or aging parents, and how this is impacting on your relationship.

Therapeutic Process

Therapeutic Process

Therapeutic Process

The number of sessions that it takes is difficult to define. It depends on how much change you want and what is not working for you in your relationship. Without taking sides, yet attending to both of you, we explore your concerns, and how this may be impacting on your relationship.

Generally, the therapy process may consist of:

  • Developing relationship and communication skills.
  • Re-working undesirable patterns from the past.
  • Learning to care better for yourself and each other.
  • Learning to accept difference and things that cannot be changed.
  • Discovering new ways to connect, enjoy and love each other.
  • Creating and building a satisfying, resilient and secure relationship.

Session and Fee

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Session and Fee

The therapy session runs for 1.5 hours and may be scheduled weekly or fortnightly.

The fee is on a sliding scale depending on your situation. 

Private health insurance rebates may apply.

Appointments are available during the day and evenings.